Notable people to have owned a Triumph

The Triumph Motor Company may be defunct since the mid-1980s but its legacy still lives to this date and a testament to this is the fact that a large number of celebrities have either owned or still own an automobile which has been produced by this once glorious British carmaker. Here some of the most famous people to have driven a Triumph.

  • Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyreMichael Hazen James McIntyre is an English comedian, present and actor. He is ranked as one of the world’s highest grossing comedians and his car collection includes a Triumph Spitfire. The car was produced from 1962 and 1980 and is one of the company`s most popular models.

  • Nicolas Cage

American actor Nicolas Kim Coppola more commonly known as Nicolas Cage has said on numerous occasions that his first automobile as a yellow Triumph Spitfire. He had a hard time registering the car in the United States, so he would sit in it in his garage and pretend that he was driving it to the beach. Soon after he managed to register his Spitfire, he sold it as he had realised that the automobile was in a bad shape and didn’t have the funds to repair it and maintain it. Years later, he found the car and bought it, so that he can include it into his automobile collection.

  • Trudie Goodwin

English actress Trudie Goodwin who starred as Sergeant June Ackland in the British television police drama “The Bill” is known for owning a Triumph Vitesse. The automobile was manufactured from 1962 to 1971 and was designed by Giovanni Michelotti.

  • Paul Newman

American actor and film director, Paul Newham was an avid car and racing aficionado and during his life owned not one but two Triumph automobiles: 2500 Mk 2 Saloon and TR6. There are records which confirm that he used the latter in several races.

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