Is Triumph Truly Recognised as A Car Brand?

There are a few incredibly famous car brands in the world. Of course we are talking about luxury cars most of which date all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century. There is barely a country in the world in which people haven’t heard about Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari. You will not see many people driving a Triumph nowadays and there is a good reason for that. In 1994 BMW bought the marquee of Triumph and therefore cars of the latter stopped being produced. That was probably bad timing on Triumph’s side as over the last 20 years car manufacturing really improved. Most of all with the rise of social media marketing is done easily. With all the information changing hands nowadays it would be really easy for a quality brand such as Triumph to sell its cars.

Unfortunately the name has been long forgotten by a huge number of people in the world. There are only these few ones who still remember the brand because they have one of their old models.

Old automobiles are considered a work of art

Spitfire MK2Speaking of old models, Triumph’s cars were really a piece of art and this is why we should definitely recognise the legacy of the brand. Ever since the founding of the company in Coventry in 1897, it has produced over 40 unique car models. The first one was Triumph 1800 Saloon and it came out in 1946. Later the design changed into a more sports looking facelift.

About 10 years ago rumours appeared that BMW might start using the brand again. Unfortunately nothing was officially confirmed and so far there are no clear signs of this happening. If Triumph is revived then this will be a sure path to the global recognition of the brand.

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